Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Nerd Travels : What to Wear

For a personal vacation or a family getaway, dressing up for the airport might be the last thing on your list. However, if its a business trip where you have to head over to a meeting after you touch down, wearing baggy pants and hoodie 3 sizes bigger isn't the most appealing option I would say. Since I am on the plane quite often, I would love to share my thoughts in a nut shell :) Just an insight, my trip was to Sydney and since it is mid-autumn, weather ranges from 13-23 degrees approximately.

Top - Since I knew it would be chilly on the plane and in Sydney, sleeveless top is a no go. I opted for my trusty old grey knit that is loose enough to pass as a pajama top yet fits well enough to look presentable.

Bottom - In a normal occasion, I would go for fitted stretchy jeans. But since the flight was 7 1/2 hours long, black stretchy pants it is. I wouldn't go for shorts in any occasion regardless of the weather because it is pretty uncomfortable when the inseam of the shorts gather at the crotch area. Not cute too.

Outer - I knew we would have to meet people as we touched down so instead of a normal cardigan [which I didn't pack with me this trip], I brought along a grey long-line coat with slim lapels. [similar one here] A deep colored coat looks very put together for a business meeting and also thick enough to keep me warm on the plane.

Shoes - Slippers? Never unless I am travelling light to a hot and humid country in which slippers is my only form of footwear. [e.g Thailand] To be honest, not all countries accept people walking around in slippers. Make sure you do some research beforehand because westerners find walking around town in slippers rude as slippers are meant for the beach only. Since my Vans are a little too casual for this business trip, I went for my black booties with chunky heels. A powerful combination of comfort and style.

Accessories - Try going for something fun enough to grab positive attention and also brighten up the dull look. This leopard scarf I bought from Barcelona is my travel buddy. To be honest, I am eye-ing on another scarf that I found online. Very versatile, classic yet fun and could also double up as a blanket. LMAO. [Click here] However, I am still justifying whether or not to get it. Just thought of adding a new classic piece into my wardrobe.

*My fashion moto. You don't need alot of clothes. Get good staples that are classic enough to last you forever. If you cant imagine yourself wearing it in Paris or contemporary cities like New York or London, don't get it. It means that the item you wanna get is not classy & modern enough. Harsh but true and this mentality can save you heck alot of money.

Random - Thick socks with no holes. Yes, for some reason I have hole-y socks all the time. Save my life please haha! For my flight back to Malaysia, I wouldn't go for thick socks. Stockings will do.

Top - Forever 21
Bottom - Brandless
Shoes - [Get 15% off your purchase by using 'ZBAPqLL' upon checkout!]
Scarf - Stradivarius [Similar here]

It's Wednesday, are you having mid-week dilemma? <3

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  1. Great post, I loved reading it. I like your 'plane' outfit too - smart but casual x

    Jana // Life of Jana

    1. Hey dear! Thank you <3 Just checked out your blog, Its lovely!