Friday, 7 August 2015

A Pastel Night Out // Koh Sa Mui @ Gamuda Walk

Another fun night filled with intensive giggles and tears. Okay fine, I was the only emotional one with tears but yeah you get the drill. *embarrassed* Went there straight after work and ingeniously kept my favourite co-ord in the car to change because I didn't want to show up as dull as a dishwasher.

Had dinner in Koh Sa Mui @ Gamuda Walk. Ordered basil fried rice alongside with a cup of hot lemongrass drink and dang was it delicious! I haven't tasted Thai food this Thai since my previous trip to Thailand. Priced at RM15.80 before tax and would definitely recommend to anyone who loves authentic Thai food. 

We unintentionally dressed in matchy-matchy outfits which could totally pull off as another Pre-Hen's night or a casual spring wedding. Goodness gracious. It wasn't an easy night because we had to fake laugh, pose for 3 cameras whilst finding our own slimming angle to hide the food baby. Come on ladies, you know that's a challenge! Funny how it has only been 2 weeks since I've met them and is already eagerly waiting for the next meet up like a giraffe.

Thank you for reading and Happy Friday! :)

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