Saturday, 15 August 2015

Planning A Trip // 5 Things

Here comes second half of the year where travelers travels. Could be the season, the festive holidays or both. So if you're going on a vacation real soon and have got no idea where to start, these are 5 things that I would normally do before jetting off.

1. Check the weather

In my opinion, the weather plays an important role. Whether it is blazing hot summer or frosty winter, the season and forecasted temperature will determine your journey. What to wear, what to pack and what to do. Especially if its a Winter getaway, more attention should be paid on the wardrobe and travel schedule. Shops would close earlier and certain touristy spots might not even operate.

2. Plan your journey

Plan but never over-plan. As a guideline, list down places you wanna visit on a piece of paper then subdivide them into clusters of region/area, factoring in the exact location and distance between any two points. After you are done studying the map and could clearly cite your route, spread your destinations across the board. I would stick to a maximum of two sites per day unless there are several other places nearby that are worth checking out.

Also, take note of the operational hours [Tourist spots, shops, public transport etc.] and entrance fee (if any). Some places requires pre-booking or even offers a discount for pre-booking made. So go save yourself some cash! #travelthrift

3. Travel documents

Two things most people tend to forget:
- Passport Expiration
- Visa Requirement
If possible, keep one set of travel documents with you and one set in your suitcase as a back up. Keep an image of your passport details in your phone just in case your passport goes missing.

4. Currency

If I'm travelling alone, I don't carry too much cash with me. But if you prefer having actual cash in your pockets, then budgeting beforehand is really important. Not that I don't budget, I do, but the bare minimum just enough for food and transportation. If you are planning to bring cash only, other factors such as site visiting entrance fees, shopping and other ad hoc expenses should be taken into consideration. You won't wanna end up with little to no money by the end of day 3.

5. Pack In Advance

Weather? ü
Schedule? ü

Finally, its time to pack up. I do this at least 1 week in advance as last minute packing stresses me out. Based on the weather forecast and travel schedule, pack accordingly. Doing lots of walking and city exploration? Bring comfy footwear and leave those stilettos at home. Also, ditch those typical touristy fashion and elevate your look by adding cool accessories or a statement red lip for a punch of sassyness. Who said tourists have to look touristy?

I guess you are all set! Having a jam-packed & ambitious travel schedule would only increase the stress level. All and all slow down, relax, enjoy the planning process and also your holiday. Set aside time for pointless wander. You'll never know what is around the corner. The best thing about travelling is the opportunity to see the world in a different point of view. Take your time as its about the journey and you <3

Thank you for reading and Happy Saturday.

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