Thursday, 22 January 2015

Umbrella Your Skin

I wonder am I the only one who haven't started using Sunscreen yet? Since I have been struggling with skin issues since 2 years back, venturing on different sunblocks and protecting them from the sun was not my main concern. I have very sensitive and easily clogged pores so the act of trying out sunblocks scares me. Even though sunblocks nowadays are Oil-Free (Whats shown on the bottle), certain ingredients can cause reaction to sensitive skin still.

Since my skin has been stabilizing recently, I decided to try out these 2 sunscreens that are said to be good for people with sensitive skin. The first one on the run would be the Soap n Glory Make Yourself Youthful Sunshield Superfluid. As you can see in the picture below, it has SPF 50 with surreal descriptions on the box :)

The packaging of Sunshield Superfluid reminds me of the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation. Sleek and compact. The lightweight plastic packaging and screw on lid makes it amazing for travelling. I have been using the Sunshield Superfluid for 4 days now and I can say that it has changed.My.Life.

This sunshield is slightly runny and liquidy. When its smoothed out on the skin, it gets slightly sticky. Don't fear because its in a good way :) Literally feels like a thicker moisturizer. In the morning, I apply a generous layer of this after moisturizing my skin. Instantly, my face looks glowy and healthy. You can leave it this way but occasionally I slap on some cc cream to even out my skin tone. A point to note is that since the sunscreen itself is flesh tone, it did not change the colour of my face. Which is my pet peeve because nobody needs to know that you're wearing sunscreen :/ I personally think that this product is good for men as well. Pretty much unisex.

Makeup applies smoothly and sits nicely on top of it no doubt. Its weird how a sunscreen double up as a primer. After testing this out for 4 day, I noticed my pores looking noticeably smaller. Besides that, it is also oil controlling. [If I were to use 6 sheets of blotting sheets daily, with this product, only 3 is required. Thumbs up! ]

Wait! I have not even mentioned the best part yet. This sunscreen does not clog my pores! It actually lightened my scars too T_T I'm sold. Shut up and take my money. hahaha :D

Just a comparison, could you see why have I been hesitating from trying the Laneige Sunblock even though I got this since last September? The consistency and the color of the sunblock scares me. It takes alot of effort to 'rub' the product into the skin and the product feels too thick & heavy for our weather. Even after spending minutes massaging the sunscreen into the skin, I could still feel a layer of 'cream' sitting on my skin = =' And if you observe closely, the Laneige Sunblock has a tinge of blue-ness in it. This is what that will cause a flashback/white cast in flash photography. In other words, Casper face.

Laneige Sunblock Sensitive SPF 30+                25000won/50ml [approx rm83 ]
Soap n Glory Sunshield Superfluid SPF 50+     £ 15/30ml [approx rm85] Update: Rm120 at Sephora Malaysia

*Note: The price point for SnG is higher given it is 20ml lesser than Laneige. :c By the way, I believe you can find the SnG Sunshield at Sephora Malaysia. If you are interested in getting it, let me know if you want a 10% off <3

Anyhow, I will continue to put this on a test and perhaps give the Laneige one a go ;p Are there any sunscreens out there that you love? Please recommend! Happy Thursday!

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