Monday, 19 January 2015

Nerd Reviews : Soap n Glory The Fab Pore

If you spend 80% if your time in Sephora, half of your bank account on skincare bits and is always on the hunt for 'better' products to improve your skin? Then you are like me. :p

Scouted around in Sephora for about 1 hour last April (yes, it was a serious deal haha) and saw 'The Fab Pore' on the shelf. I knew I had to get it. As at that point of time, the deep pore cleansing masks I had were too stripping and drying for my skin. So I was in need of a pore cleansing mask that doesn't make my face feel naked. Currently running on my 2nd pot and its halfway down already! The previous pot lasted me for a full 8 months.

Before I start to tell more about this product, I have to let you know my skin condition. It is dry/combination, extremely sensitive and gets clogged easily. I do get shiny throughout the day but definitely not Oily.

 'The Fab Pore' has a minty smell and a cooling sensation when its on the skin. Texture wise, its smooth and thick with tiny little beads in it. To be honest, I use this almost every other day because I love it that much. My skin feels clean, smooth and less irritated. Skin definitely improves after every application. Miracle happens in the product itself and not really contributed by the tiny beads in it. The packaging is lovely. It comes in a thick plastic pot which makes it easier for travelling in comparison to a glass pot. The lid closes tight enough for the product to not dry out. Even said so, I prefer if it came in a tube rather than a pot.

I don't exfoliate daily but when I do, the mask works noticeably better. I have repurchased and will definitely do so until I find something better. The price point of this is not cheap I would say. But in comparison to the Glamglow YouthMud Mask, this is a steal. I've tried the YouthMud mask before but for that ridiculous price, I expected a heck lot more than what I got.

If you are interested, I bought mine at Sephora for RM100/50ml

Happy Monday People <3

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