Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Nerdy Review // Batiste Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is the one product that I could not travel without yet it's also the one product that most of my family and friends have got no idea about. In countries with colder climates, dry shampoo are used to stretch the number of days till the hair gets washed. Before I start, I have a disclaimer. Airy and voluminous hair is my thing. Flat greasy hair is out of my dictionary. So for me, this is how I use it:

~ In the morning : Add volume to lifeless and lame hair.
~ In the evening : Get rid of greasy roots for a night out. This applies to days where I have to meet someone immediately after work & have no time to shower.
~ When I travel : Blast some on if its too late or too lazy to wash the hair/ hair dryer is not provided/ bringing shampoo & conditioner is too cumbersome
~ Hair Styling : Makes a braid hold because of added texture and also makes a simple ponytail look 10 times better.

Now you see why I never ever travel without my dry shampoo? Even said so, not all worked well on me. Some left a residue which itched my scalp. Tried 4 different ones in the past, only the coloured ones impressed me. There is one with the tropical bottle, not a fan of that because the scent was too overpowering me & my friend had to run out of the room to escape from the cloud of heavily scented dry shampoo. LMAO. Other than the ones showed above, I am currently trying out the "Girlz Only" dry shampoo for dark and deep brown hair. Hopefully everything goes well because its almost half the price of Batiste! Please let me know if you want to see a demo of how the dry shampoo works. What do you think? : )

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