Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Nerd Travels : Gold Coast Photobook 1

Feeling hungry drafting this post...oh gosh demn fries T_T It was my first trip to Gold Coast and I'm amazed by how the buildings looked like, especially at night. Never have I ever imagined the buildings being so differently and modernly structured. And you know what? I saw the most beautiful picturesque sky in my life. I was there for 4 days but most of my time was spent in the office so navigating around town was out of the topic. But will try to the next time! *gungho*

Had fruits and chocolate chip cookies with a cup of hot dark chocolate mocha at my balcony in the morning. Was one of the best decision made during the trip. :) Lunchtime scenery, nandos, sauces, burger, fries, office, breakfast & chilly day outfit. The pancake was the only breakfast I had outside of my room. It wasn't mesmerizing by all means but the price was good haha! Happy Tuesday <3

P/S: Short clip inserted was a piece of Brisbane. A short clip will be inserted in all of my travel blog post! I think its an amazing way to record a piece of my trip besides pictures.

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