Monday, 4 May 2015

Nerd Travels : Weekend Ootd // Brisbane

25th April
Checked the weather in the morning and it was gonna be sunny and hot at about 27 degrees and it would only chill down in the evening. So I thought, the lesser the better. LOL :p Went for a cut-in slinky dip hem top with ripped jeans, silver glitter oxfords and an edgy flannel. The pop of yellow brightened up the whole outfit. To be honest, I felt so sexy and confident that day because of the movement when I paced through the Brisbane streets. It was Anzac day on the 25th so the streets were full of people! Was actually thankful I got to blend in and celebrate the patriotic national holiday :)

Top - Gingham & Heels [Here]
Flannel - China
Bottom - Topshop Busted Knees Jamie Jeans [Here]
Shoes - [Here. Use 'ZBAPqLL' upon checkout and get 15% off your purchase. Which makes it Rm30 only. Just get it girls, I received soooo many compliments on these!]
Bag - Coach

For the night, the weather pretty much cooled down but wasn't too bad that I had to put on a jumper. So I went out with the same top, put on a red lip, changed the jeans into this cool perforated skirt and faux leather jacket to add umph. In fact, I just wanted some shape and structure added to the delicate outfit. Its hilarious because that night I went out for dinner alone. Wandered around looking for food and ended up in a place that served good quality food and wine. The security at the front checked IDs to ensure that everyone that dined in were above the age of 18. [Because alcohol served] Well, as usual mine wasn't checked. *laughs* It was an amazing experience sitting on high wooden stools, savouring good food and eaves dropping at the same time :)

Jacket - H&M
Skirt - [Similar from Mango and New Look]

26th April
A day full of travelling. It was the day where I head back to Malaysia so all sort of public transport were involved. Well, not literally but I had to take a train back to Gold Coast then transit onto a bus to the airport then obviously a flight back. The 26th was a fun day because it was bloody windy in Brisbane and if you somehow check out my Brisbane Photobook sooner or later, you'll see my hair going all over the place, squinted eyes and tighten face. Haha! Did some last minute shopping at Myer and Target too.

Top - Something Borrowed @ [Black new version here. Use 'ZBAPqLL' to get 15% off your purchase]
Bottom - Topshop Busted Knees Jamie Jeans
Scarf - Stradivarius
Shoes - [Similar here and here]

As this post goes up on my blog, it would be the 4th of May already which also means that the battle between Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao would have ended. Full support on Mr Pacquiao!!

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