Friday, 30 October 2015

What To Pack // Autumn In Europe

Just only came back from a 2 weeks long Europe trip so thought I'd share my capsule wardrobe. What key pieces I brought with me and how I played with the minimal items that I had. Let's get started. Like I insist [or Oscar Wilde], you can never be overdressed or overeducated. I don't do touristy outfits firstly because sticking out like a sore thumb isn't at all safe and secondly because I wanna look fabulous. Not that I'm against fannypacks, colourful snapbacks and windbreakers. 

If you fancy, consider blending in the crowd. For example if your destination is Paris, avoid busting out those slippers/thongs/birks. Respect the culture. This time I'm conquering London, Berlin and Amsterdam. Therefore the items picked out were more down to earth, casual and muted. 

This is a complete list of what pieces I brought:
Believe me that the limited pieces I brought is sufficient for a month long trip! I suggest taking long sleeve tops and pajama bottoms that are fashion friendly in order to multiply their usage for a casual day outfit, travelling outfit [on the plane] or just as pajamas. Packed one sleeveless top solely because I know that there will be warmer Autumn days & can be layered under sweaters for extra warmth when the temperature drops.

What I normally do is, I'll preplan all outfits, snap a picture, refer to the coordinated outfits before getting dressed in the morning to save time and lastly delete the picture after the outfit has been worn. No fuss :)

In addition, a light weight + compact waterproof jacket that can be worn for ad hoc morning walks or as a layering piece for extra warmth. This capsule I created could easily be strecthed out further. After all, my 23" suitcase was only half full and that only means more room for shopping. 

So that's all for our Autumn packing installment. Don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin' and Instagram for upcoming travel posts and wanderlustic pictures. Hope you manage to get a tip or two on what to pack for your upcoming trip and thank you for reading :)

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