Friday, 6 November 2015

Food In Melbourne // Market Lane Coffee

Market Lane Coffee.

A full time instagram user would have heard of the oh-so-famous MLC. Situated in the heart of Queen Victoria Market, the laid-back coffee shop has it personal vibes that stands out in a subtle way. Very minimal & humble indeed. Did some coffee research and after 10 mins of professional scribbles, we manage to draw down a short list and MLC was right on top!

Ordered Cappucino as usual but this time round, accompanied by a side of Blueberry pastry. To my disappointment, the coffee was just alright. Tasted better ones in Melbourne therefore MLC's version of Cappucino did not rock my socks. But. Oh. My Gawd. Fresh blueberries on flakey pastry goodness was so delicious. The unexpected explosion and juicy surprise made my day :)

Have never been a berry person but since that day onwards, I ventured out into berries from different colours to sizes. I guess that's what life is. Sometimes we've just got to take the plunge and then realize: " That wasn't that bad too huh ". Thank you for reading beautiful and Happy Friday!

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