Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Nerd Travels // Tasmania Day 7 + Day 8

Day 7

So guys, Ms.Nerdy heard about MONA [Museum of Old and New Art] through travel blogs. Felt intrigued so without even hesitating, I bought a pass [Ferry tickets + Museum Pass] in advance and went solo. To be honest, I was extremely excited about the fact that I'm going to an artsy place. Like for once not spending my time in the supermarket comparing prices of chocolate chip cookies, manufacturing dates of peanut butter and wandering on the streets like a homeless person. No judgments people!

Visit to the museum was something way out of my comfort zone. Thought I could do art museums in the dark but not till I accidentally bumped into an Eypyptianmummycasket thangthatmademelosemysoul. Phew~

After visiting, my instinct told me to get a bottle of beer and dessert. So that's what I did! Moo brew beer and chocolate eclairs on the roof top garden of MONA with seaview and flying seagulls. #diva

Day 8

Hobart > Melbourne

Final day in Tassie. Urgh don't wanna leave...but a girl's gotta do what she's gotta do. Packed up, went for the final breakfast at <Machine Laundry Cafe> then headed straight to the airport. [Food review here]

I've been to Melbourne in year 2014. Melbourne looks the same but weirdly enough, everything felt different to me. Last year I was in the midst of graduating, had little-to-none worries, was in a stable relationship, had a dream, was jobless and had no idea where my direction was career wise. Basically a zero. As at today, everything has changed. I'm single, financially sufficient, have a vision, been to several countries I've not step foot in and ultimately started my career and a blog that I feel blessed about. 

Travelling makes me think of what I've had and what I have. What about you? Also, how gorgeous is my faux fur scarf from

Thank you for reading and Happy Wednesday!

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