Saturday, 3 October 2015

What To Pack // Weekend Getaway

Last weekend me and and family headed into the green for a retreat. The trip back to mother nature took us away from the hustle and bustle, gave us an opportunity to bond and made us [at least me] appreciate the environment a little more. More details coming up in a future blog post.

Since it was just a short trip, I didn't pack my bag in advance like I used to. Grabbed my PJs, fresh set of clothes for the following day, minimal beauty products, insect repellent, a good read, trusty old planner, sunnies and most importantly my vlogging camera. [Not shown above : Undergarments, towel and my phone]

Everything fitted perfectly inside my backpack. On the day of departure, I went with a minimal look. Halter top with chiffon culottes and strappy brown sandals. [similar pair here. Use ZBAPqLL for 15% off]

What would you pack for a weekend getaway? 

Thank you for reading and Happy Weekend People.

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