Wednesday, 19 August 2015

$3 Million ?!

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A week ago, me and my family brought up a topic: What would you do if you have $3million in cash?

We started discussing and boy was it hilarious. It was interesting to see how different people react towards a large sum of money. We are talking cash yeah people. For me, I had a brain-fart moment where I smiled and stared at the wall imagining how does it feel like to have that much cash in the bank account. After several minutes, I knew what I wanted to do with it. 

Firstly, I would take 1 year off. Travel around the world, go as far as I could and as long as time allows. Not travelling where I eat at Michelin starred restaurants and do luxury shopping all the way with 3 bodyguards [Undeniably, it does sounds amazing!] but simple travelling like how I've always did.


Okay I have got no idea. So thankful for what I already have. Maybe just keep it in the bank whilst I figure it out? What's yours? :D

Thank you for reading and Happy Wednesday!

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