Friday, 2 October 2015

London Holiday Wishlist + Bloggasary

Today marks the anniversary of Real Life Nerd. Time flies and I can't believe Real Life Nerd is already one year old! Let's pop a champagne and celebrate shall we? Blogging journey wasn't at all easy. There were bumpy moments and times where I thought maybe blogging isn't my thang. But slowly and surely I started to realize that writing and taking pictures is where my passion lies. I am utterly blessed to have started this creative platform for my personal growth, aside from my full time job which I love as well. 

Back to the post! Since I'm on my way to London [#litearllyonaplane] thought I'll share what's on my wishlist. Other than the above, I'm gonna pick up some basic pieces and a pair of jeans for a mini wardrobe update. Let me know if you have any Britishmusthaves or recomendations.

Thank you for reading and Happy Birthday People *hugs*

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