Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Nerd Travels // Tasmania Day 5 + Day 6


Coles Bay > Hobart

If there really is a day where I could climb those slopes and walk across Freycinet National Park just once more, I would. Yet again, I felt my heartbeat and noticed it slowing down as I stood at the edge of Wineglass bay's lookout point and on the curvy bridge gazing upon the endless Tasman Sea. Life is beautiful, only when you start noticing it. 


Had an amazing brunch at Jackman & McRoss [Yummylicious review here] followed by an easy stroll around Battery Point. Loved it. Lucky ass us because the weather was too beautiful to be true and we saw Mount Wellington with snow drizzles from afar! Drove to Salamanca Place then did some dora exploration with little brother. On a side note, little did we know that we have le unintentional bad ass face. So proud of it, thanks mum!

Thank you for reading and Happy Wednesday.

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