Saturday, 18 July 2015

NEW IN // Cremorlab Fresh Water Gel + La Roche Posay Toleriane Fluide

It comes to no surprise that I love me some skincare. Bought these from my recent trip to Macau and it was not at all my fault, just the review-bug itching in me. Okay lets ignore the fact that I have to eat canned beans for the rest of the month and jump right straight into the topic shall we?

Bought LRP Toleriane Fluide because the LRP Ultra Light I tried was amazing. Cremorlab Fresh Water Gel because the salesperson told me Cremorlab products are catered towards pregannt ladies. I'm not pregnant but yeah you get what I mean. Both products are made for people wtih sensitive skin, especially the Cremorlab Fresh Water Gel that is almost free from harmful crap. I'll check back in very soon and let my skin do the job. In the meanwhile, check out my recent travel blogspot if you fancy :)

Nerd Travels // GuangZhou Photobook 2
Nerd Travels // GuangZhou Photobook 3

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