Saturday, 4 July 2015

Nerd Travels // GuangZhou Photobook 1

As you can tell, my trip to GuangZhou were spent mostly in front of the dining table. Well, it was a business trip so definitely work took up most of my time. *holds laughter* I'll share the first part of my trip in sequence:

Natural Sunday sunlight
Funky flavour
New favourite shirt dress
Steamed eggs
Cookies + Coffee
Gel Manicure
Pretz + Collon *LMAO. What a name..*
Tomato and Eggs

Its Saturday, are you up for anything? By the time this post goes up, I'd be on a road trip down South. How exciting! Be well people <3

p/s: It's my dear friend's birthday. You know who you are and happy birthday to you <3

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