Friday, 3 July 2015

Nerd Travels // 12 Hours In Macau

If you were to travel to Macau for 12 Hours (which is very unlikely unless your visa were to expire like mine did), here is what you could do:

1. Go to a Casino
Well at least pick one among the hundreds thirty-three. I chose Venetian Macau because my taxi driver told me that its a nice place for non-gamblers whom have no skills/intention to gamble at all. He was definitely trying to say pictures taking,food and shopping in a polite way. Thanks. Most of my time were spent strolling around, window shopping and also spying on people's handbag trying to guess how much cash they were carrying around.

2. Eat
Pretty much everything in Macau are overpriced.*lmao* Since I couldn't justify paying MOP83 for a bowl of noodles, I went to a burger place called FatBurger and ordered a vegetarian burger [MOP85]. So how many times did I mention burger? =/

3. Buy Skincare Products and Drink Coffee
Skincare brands that could only be found in Korea and even France were readily available. I was impressed. Sat down at Starbucks for an ice cappuccino [MOP41] whilst sneakily peeking at the large gang of fashionable Korean Hippies. For a moment I thought I was in Seoul. :)

4. Ruins of St. Paul's
Fau sure the Ruins of St Paul's! To get there, you could hop onto those free bus services offered by the casino or catch a taxi like what I did. Would have waited in line for the bus but with the limited time and under the 35 degrees blazing hot weather? Just take my money. The journey was about 15 mins and costed MOP85.

5. Senado Square
Just a few minutes away from the Ruins of St. Paul's, is the famous Senado Square that holds basically anything you could think of. Signboards in 3 different languages and Portuguese influenced colorful buildings, pebble stone walkway and cute alleys. Gorgeous <3

Overall, I would say that Macau is worth visiting and I will go back in the future. If you are planning to visit Macau soon, puhlease go when the temperature falls. Gulping water and blotting the face with body odor isn't attractive haha. Also, as a little reminder,  remember to exchange MOP if you are planning to visit Macau after China. I held Renminbi and dang those taxi drivers and food places charged 1:1 (rmb has higher value than mop) A cup of juice was 51MOP and since I wasn't prepared at all, I paid 100yuan. That wasn't too bad until the cashier gave my change in 49MOP. Moment of truth where I felt like a loser. Very funny.

Anyways, happy Friday and hope you have a lovely weekend ahead! <3

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