Friday, 24 July 2015

I Think Its Summer

What reminds you of a hot summery vacation than salsa, nachos and exotic fruits, accompanied by the theme song of Lilo & Stitch? Okay bring on the mint Mojito please.

Day Outfit
Crisp white cotton dress, light weight sandals and a big brown bag that could fit a chair and a sink. For a summery look, "looking" light weight is crucial. Overly embellished accessories could weigh down the whole holiday vibe. Keep those Audrey Hepburn necklaces for a different occasion and bust out those clean and classic pieces!

Dress - Shuca
Bag - Massimo Dutti
Sandals - [Use ZBAPqLL upon checkout for an additional 15% off]
Sunnies -

Night Outfit
If you couldn't tell, dressing all white in Summer is what I'm going for. To switch things up, I added a pair of nude heeled sandals, kept the brown bag which could be folded into half as a slouchy clutch, and went for a simple white cotton T and pants. Folded my sleeve for that effortless I-woke-up-like-this look. Cotton and Chiffon acts like a build-in air conditioner in Summer so if you fancy, feel free to switch up the cotton T for a cute chiffon blouse. 

Top - China
Pants -
Shoes - Zara A/W 2013

Since I'm not a very beachy person [or am I?], lounging around the pool sounds more realistic. When I said lounge, I do mean lounge lounge. Haha. If I were to be around the water, I would go for a cute bikini top and light washed denim cut offs and a pair of huge sunnies just to look cool. When you are lame like me, having something cool on does make a difference! Pass me a fresh green coconut and let's chill.

Bikini Top - Forever 21
Jeans - Roxy
Sunnies - Melbourne

Summer Vacay destination which is on the top of my list? Santorini, Greece. Happy holidays people!

Not to end this post on a sad note but a car ran over my heels during the photoshoot and this happened. Lmao. It was a Hyundai SUV and all I can say is that Zara makes pretty good shoes. HAHAHAHA! 

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