Saturday, 25 July 2015

Product Review // Nuxe Creme Prodigieuse

"Cramp Pro-dee-geese" Lets ignore the fact that we share the same issue trying to pronounce the name of this product and jump right into my thoughts in a nutshell. haha.

Tried this on the 1st time, hated it. Tried it on the 2nd time, hated it still. The smell was so overpowering I felt dizzy the moment it was on my skin. #literally Okay so since people say 3 times the charm, I gave it another go and now I'm head over heels and would actually repurchase this moisturizer.

It is the thickest moisturizer I've ever used on my skin. Being a person with slightly oilier skin, this is the type of product I would steer clear from. But since it was marketed towards people with oily combination skin, I jumped right in. Again, the review-bug in me yeah, ain't my fault. Its a yellow thick cream that requires some rubbing action to work it into the skin. Melts into the skin very quickly and adds a nice glow once set.

What do I think?
+ My skin condition changed. [Oily combination > Normal]
+ Face doesn't gets greasy throughout the day, in fact it leaves a beautiful glow. No blotting needed unless its 37 degrees out.

- Pricey. Used this solely in the day for 2 months and I'm almost done. [Click here]
- Scent too overpowering

This cream moisturizer changed my stereotypical mindset that creams are for people with dry skin. I guess I was proven wrong :) If I don't have 3 more moisturizers in line to be reviewed and tested on, for sure something in the NUXE line would have ended up in my checkout basket. Have a nice day ahead :)

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