Saturday, 11 July 2015

Back In Those Days

Back in the 90's where all we had were Pilot Super-grips, 80cents for food and nothing else. For me, that money was either for spicy vermicelli soup or stationery. Who could resist hot dog shaped erasers, tiny notebook as large as a slice of cheese and mechanical pencils that have fake dangly crystals?! Oh dear, those days...

Met most of them when I was 7 years old. Time does fly because I've known them for almost 16 years now! It's beautiful to see how all of us grew into different directions in life. Some are studying abroad, some have migrated, most of us are working adults let it be with our own businesses or has just started climbing up the career ladder. Obviously not everyone turned up but I do hope we could all catch up again someday soon.

Oh yes. Chocolate milk truck, knee length socks, free Milo, school shoes with magnetic clasp, music classes, F4, coned ice-creams, spelling, duty roster and school bag as big as the box TV. I remember metal rulers were forbidden and using pen in class made me feel like a grown up. Anyone? :D

Happy Weekend <3

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