Sunday, 3 May 2015

Nerd Travels : Sydney Photobook 5

Was your Saturday a good one? Yesterday was just family, food and loud laughter. Gotta emphasize on the loud part because when the 'Koks' talk about social issues and hilarious lame sarcasm, ain't nobody got time to check for the volume hahaha! By the way guys, I have a joke. Why does penguins have white tummies? [Answer will be at the end of this post]

Train ticket to Sydney CBD, dark leaves, pyjama, Parramatta ferry port view from inside and above, breakfast in bed, Korean food, train station, floral, Sydney central station, harry potter ambiance...LOL, notebook haul and late night supper. Had a nudge in me that I could actually record short clips in addition to pictures so I started staking short clips in Brisbane. So from this post onward, a short clip will be inserted. Enjoy :)

This is the final part of my whole series of Sydney Photobook. Had so many wonderful moments and I'm so blessed my journey ended with a happy note :) So what's next? Gold Coast it is!

2 May
Safari girl inspired get-up for a breakfast trip to KL. Olive utility green dress with earthy toned accessories. While we were on our way, I looked up into the sky and it was exceptionally blue :) Some days might be grey and some might be cray. But all and all, its the view from our eyes that determine what we see everyday. P/s: For this week's flower dedication, I went for bright red carnations <3

Dress - TQ
Bag - Coach
Watch- Michael Kors
Shoes - Vans

Answer: Because their hands are too short to clean other part of their body. Lmao.

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