Sunday, 17 May 2015

Nerd Travels // In-Flight Essentials

Being a business traveler, I am on the plane at least once a month. Through experiences, these are my In-Flight travel essentials:

I love travelling and being on the plane stresses me out sometimes. Not forgetting to bring important belongings, rushing to the airport, whether or not I'm able to sleep well, the ever-changing temperature and flight food. It's not easy at it seems eh? Staying warm up in the air is important and this time round, I'm bringing my soft cashmere scarf with me alongside with my new light weight trench from [Here. Use 'ZBAPqLL' for 15% off your purchase]

From previous experience, I checked-in my chargers and when my luggage got delayed, I couldn't work and that was a waste of time. So now, I have all gadgets next to me and in the event if something similar happens, I'm all prepared with no fuss :) By the time this post goes up, I would be the at airport boarding a flight to China. I have blog posts prepared up till June so remember to come back every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and the Weekends for fresh new contents! Bon Voyage!

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