Monday, 18 May 2015

Nerd Travels // Brisbane Photobook 1

Welcome to part 1:4 of my Brisbane Photobook. Brisbane oh Brisbane~ How beautiful you were. Woke up to the stunning city view, snuggled in my bed with some fruits and a cup of hot coffee. Watched the sunset at the highest point of Brisbane [Mount Cootha], stood under the clear sky watching cars go by, the calm river & white yachts, coffee, selfie, dinosaur and even Ferris wheel! What's else?

As I was taking an easy stroll along the river, I saw an old couple cuddling, heard the sound of a baby laughing, young teens roller skating and even university student with a gifted voice singing on the green field underneath the tree. It's the little detail you take note that makes life wonderful.

Have a great day ahead <3 Remember to come back on Wednesday for the 2nd piece of Brisbane!

What's Next : Nerd Travels // Brisbane Photobook 2

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