Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Nerd Travels // Brisbane Photobook 2

Its-mid week. Are you having the mid-week syndrome where you feel that half of the week has gone by yet the weekend feels so far away? I feel you. *bro-high-five* One of the coolest outfit I've styled so far. Got so many compliments that day and heck yes do I know my shoes are beautiful. Thanks guys!

Street styling, wrecking my inner bad ass, oriental vibes, flowers, a smile, weirdo and the most relaxing yet embarrassing selfie in history. Since I have been travelling alone, taking pictures would only mean either a selfie, a selfie with scenery or just scenery, nothing else. But since I met a guy that day, he offered to take pictures for me! Lmao. Therefore the 3 full body shots. And nope I did not give him my number even though he asked ; )

Before I babble about my relaxing and embarrassing story, I have to let you know that I went back to the hotel for a short nap and changed into a skirt for the night out, right after my afternoon stroll. So as I was waiting for the sun to set,  I sat on the grass by the river, looked into the blue sky & listened to the merely-there jazz music from the city far opposite. Didn't take me long to decide to lie down and 'enjoy life' like a wanderlust. YOLO. The embarrassing part came in when I struggled to get up, and by the time I got up, bits of grass were on my hair, specs partially falling off, skirt was wet and also on the verge of showing my panties. Also, did I mention that there was a professional guy photographer on my left trying to catch the sunset, a teary emo university girl on my right and a continuous flow of pedestrians walking by? Gosh. Now I know why am I single. HAHAHA!

Have a wonderful day ahead! Come back on Friday for an autumn fashion post :) Details of what I wore in Brisbane as I wander around the stylish city and also a touch of Anzac Day! *cheers*

What's Next : Wandering in Brisbane City // Autumn Fashion

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