Friday, 24 April 2015

Work Ootd - Week 13 // Autumn Fashion

21 & 22 April
Basically a day full of travelling. We headed straight to the airport right after lunch. It was such a chilly day where temperature fell to 12 degrees. It might not sound cold at all but with the strong wind and rain, it was pretty miserable. So as I was getting ready in the morning, I went for stretchy pants, boots, thermal worn underneath my denim shirt and a grey coat. Didn't want to pop on something too casual because we had to make a trip back to the office just to wrap things up before we leave. So all and all, we spent 7 hours travelling, including time we wasted at the airport waiting. 

Anyways if you watched the news few day back, a strong wind/typhoon hit New South Wales which was basically where I was, at the Sydney airport. The wind was travelling at 100km/hour and it was too strong for the cabin crew to open the cabin, unload previous flight passengers' luggage and load ours. So our luggage got held overnight at the airport and were scheduled to be sent over to us the next morning. Thankfully our flight wasn't delayed & we landed safely. Well, which also lead to no brushing, no bathing & no changing. So that's why I wore the same outfit for 2 days straight. #YOLO #smellybreathandgreasyhair

Thermal - Uniqlo
Top - Zara Boy
Pants - Random
Coat - H.Y
Boots - [Click here. Get 15% off when you enter 'ZBAPqLL' upon checkout]

23 April
Weather was gradually getting hotter in Queensland and it was a little too hot for boots and a thicker top. So on Thursday I wore a nude flowy chiffon blouse paired with a simple blazer and a pop of leopard.

Top - HM
Blazer - HM
Pants - Topshop [Here]
Scarf - Stradivarious [Similar one here. Enter 'ZBAPqLL' for a 15% upon checkout. Which makes it Rm17.00 only]
Shoes - [Similar here]
Bag - Aldo

I'm currently in bed blogging while watching Youtube vidoes. Could have went out for a drink but since I'm currently alone in Brisbane, better not :/ Have a lovely weekend people! <3

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