Saturday, 14 February 2015

New IN : Estee Lauder Lippies

Never in my life I thought I would post closeups of me on the internet. But for a lippie blog post, its inevitable :/ Mummy brought back some Estee Lauder products from London and of course I had to try them out. Since it was the holiday season, EL came out with various gift sets for us women <3 So last Sunday, I woke up slightly early to catch the morning sunshine and walahhh! no filter needed. That is the beauty of the right amount of lighting :)

G3 Dream Pink in Lasting Shimmer
240 Tumultuous Pink
340 Envious
03 Chrome Kimono
410 Dynamic
120 Desirable

I guess by looking at the pictures above, you can tell that a lip color really do change the whole appearance/outlook you're going for. The texture of all 6 of the lip product was fantastic! So creamy & moisturizing on the lips, glides on smoothly and most importantly it doesn't settle into fine lines. My favorite out of all would be the lip lacquer in 'chrome kimono' because the color is so subtle and my lips look extra juicy when I have it on :)

I lined my lips with a nude lip liner before applying the brighter colors. The issue with these bright lippie colors that are too creamy is that they tend to slip and slide. Plus, the lasting power wasn't as good as matte ones that I have :c I would say, definitely very high maintenance because it requires reapplication and constant checking-teeth-in-the-mirror. Not so everyday-use friendly I guess?

So I would say that the lighter colors out of the Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Rouge lip range and the Lip Lacquer are my fav and are worth the money spent <3 Are you eye-ing on any lip products at the moment? "Catrice Cosmetics" just got into the Malaysian market and I couldn't wait to try more of their products! I have one of their lippie and I <3 it. Note: The formula of the Catrice lippies are soooo similar to the EL ones.

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