Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Not so Secret Santa

I have never been a present-giving person but this year it came to me that I DO love gift wrapping and card writing. Designing and making these cards really excites me! By the way, if you are reading this blog post and there is someone in mind that you want to give a present to but have no idea what card/tag you wanna attach to the gift other than buying one from shops out there, please let me know because I am thinking of giving out my handmade creations :) I'll design the tags upon your request.

Hehe I get to improve my skills and also come out with more creative ideas. On the other hand, you get to give something that is more genuine and heart-to-heart <3

I'm currently snuggling under my comforter, watching YouTube vids. Best way to unwind for the night :)

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