Saturday, 27 December 2014

Hair Update

Right after I came back from China and just before my Sarawak work trip, I got my hair trimmed by my favourite hairdresser at the salon. This time round he gave me a slight layered bob, shaved the back of my hair and shaped my hair, making it slightly slanted to the front. Its my 3rd haircut done by him and all I can say is that every single time, he never fails to surprise me :) I like how he manages to give my hair an effortless look with literally no effort put in on my side =D Who has time for hair come oil will do but hot tools are not for me.

Its getting longer now and I seriously cant wait to get it trimmed again haha! By the way, i haven't been wearing anything on my face for almost a month now and girrrrrrrrl~ I feel gorgeous =) Skin has been improving and it makes me feel beautiful <3 Definitely time saving as well because in the morning, I'll slap on some moisturizer, do my brows, apply some tinted lip balm and its more than enough to rock ze world!

Oh yes, the tinted lip balm I have been using daily is the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Tulip. Loving it <3

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