Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Nerd Travels // Tasmania Day 3 + Day 4


Launceston > Lowhead

Day 3 was the most exciting day of all because we pre booked a penguin tour at 6:00pm. *squeaks* Woke up early to prepare breakfast, ate, changed, then off we went. 

1st Stop // Josef Chromy Vineyard
Landscape, wine, fireplace and wine tasting. We walked off with JC Reisling 2014 and JC Pinot Noir. It was a great experience and not to mention, JC Sparkling 2009 was my favourite <3

2nd Stop // The River Cafe 
Warm blueberry muffins and caramel chocolate cake. Darn. 

3rd Stop // Lowhead Tourist Park
The most remarkable camp site among all. 4 nerdy stars for facilities and cleanliness. Honestly, the coldest camp site ever! Must be the sea-side location. But with the stunning sea-view and breeze, nothing extra 5 layers of clothes couldn't do. #stuffedbolsterdumplingfashion 

4th Stop // Lowhead Penguin Tours
One of the highlights in my life. As the penguins walked under my legs, I knew I've made it. To live life the fullest in my possible way. Wasn't the best weather to do penguin watching but heck it was a fun experience. Walking and standing in the rain with the cold and strong wind whipping and zero light source made the tour extremely difficult. Need I mention it was already 0 degrees without the wind? Imagine people. 

This might sound lame but my tears rolled down the moment little penguins came into sight. Never in my life have I imagined seeing these cute animals with my own eyeballs. The long wait was worthy and it made me reflect on humanity. What have we done to the environment?


Lowhead > Coles Bay

Woke up to the most beautiful sea-view I've seen. Hopped around beach to beach, to the lighthouse and finally to the place where the sheep were. Mehhh~

The most travel heavy day out of all. An approximate 200km drive took us 4 and a half hours. We did stop by for early dinner at ZEPS [Check out my review last Saturday]. If you were to drive around Tasmania, remember to factor in single-laned-curvy road, speed limit and time the sun sets. Surrounding turned pitch black and roads were barely visible. With the hopping wallabies [we saw 4 in total] and speed limit, we couldn't do much. Also, bear in mind that a speed ticket cost $300 so save that cash for a pair of fabulous shoes, feast in a fancy restaurant or a weekend getaway.

Just around 5:30p.m, we saw the most beautiful sunset ever. Reluctant to blink/fall asleep because our world turned golden.  

A blessing in disguise :)

Thank you for reading and Happy Wednesday.

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