Monday, 3 August 2015

Inspirational Monday

Happy Monday!

Being a blogger who started off with nothing but passion, persistence and strong believe in myself were the only two ingredients that got me moving and pulled me through. I get asked alot, why did you start blogging and what do you blog? Well, it's simple. I love writing and I blog about places I travel to, food and beauty reviews and recommendations. That's it. However easy that sounded like, in reality it isn't! #realityisabitch

Having a full time job whilst juggling a blog isn't at all a piece of cake. Coming out with new blog ideas, scheduling blog contents, taking creative photos, photo editing, planning outfits, starting new projects and taking outfit shots? Not easy. But I would say, it's an amazing process where I notice growth in myself.

Time management? ü
Awkwardness in Public? ü

My father once asked me. "Why don't you blog only once a week instead of several posts since your readers could visit your blog once and read all contents one shot? You are lacking on the view counts." I told him "I didn't blog because of view counts but solely because I have alot to share and by doing so, my brains will burst if I can't sprinkle my thoughts through this creative platform."

Till date, I've done write ups on cafes, restaurants and for clothing brands. Most of the managers gave credits and acknowledgements. That's all I need and will continue creating contents for Real Life Nerd.

Have a lovely week ahead <3

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