Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Can You Keep a Secret? // Women Aid's Organisation [WAO]

Every time he does it, he apologizes, a woman forgives, he repeats, then slowly and certainly, she takes it all in. It could be for the family, her little kids, for the financial support or just because she thinks she deserves to be treated this way. This could also happen the other way round. Shockingly, statistics show that almost half of the victims of domestic violence are men. [Click Here]

WAO opened Malaysia's first refuge for abused women and their children in 1982. They offer shelter, telephone counselling and face to face counselling for hundreds of women every year. As a man/woman in the 21st century mirroring Gen-Y, I hope we could acquiesce to the fact that none of us deserves to be intimidated by our loved ones. Let it be physical, verbal or emotional abuse. 

If you have time to spare during the weekend, why not pop over to Blue Bridge on Level G3 of Publika and drop by WAO's mini campaign? [Update: The campaign will be at The Gardens Mall, Ground Floor Concourse Area from the 3rd-16th August] Have a look at the stories of the domestic violence survivors. How it scarred their lives, how they masked their emotions and finally bit the bullet by reaching out for help.

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