Saturday, 23 May 2015

TMI Talk // Hairy Business

TMI. Being hairy has always been a struggle to me. Definitely not from now onward because I've found the ideal hair removal method that suits my lifestyle and doesn't irritate my skin! *ding ding ding* My hair removal routine has been changing and evolving constantly since years back. As you can tell, it took me a while to finally come to a conclusion of what works well for me.

Step 1 // Rituals Fortune Scrub
This was a gift from my aunt. She brought this over to me from the UK :) I've heard of the brand through blogging platforms and also seen it in Spain but never tried anything from them. How could I not!? I was a tad bit skeptical the 1st time I tried this out because scrub granules were so damn huge and coarse I was afraid I'll rip my skin off. Anyways, this has became a favourite of mine since the day it was used. Exfoliation checked, moisture balance checked, smooth baby skin checked, user-friendly packaging checked. Totally tops off my old fav : Soap n Glory Flake Away.

Step 2 // Gillette Satin Care & Olay Sensitive Shave Gel
Bought my first bottle in Melbourne last March'14 and instantly fell in love. Wait. This is my first bottle! Gosh, it lasted me so long haha :) This doesn't mean I don't shave, it's just that this product lathers up on the skin so nicely that a little goes a loooooong way. Thumbs up for the value for money. This shaving gel does not dry out my skin nor does it leave a sticky residue. It provides a creamy foam enabling a close shave which speeds up the shaving process and also creates wonderful result. Haven't encountered any razor burns or cuts so far. This product is genius.

Step 3 // Sanctuary Spa 2 Days Moisture Shower Oil
Protecting our skin after shaving is a step that cannot be missed. Pores will open up and the surface of our skin will be slightly irritated by the blade. For people with sensitive skin, skin surface might even have rash looking red patches or bumpy spots. Therefore I find moisturizing the skin with a thick in-shower moisturizer or a shower oil a great way to replenish moisture back into our delicate skin. The Sanctuary Spa shower oil warms up when its in contact with the skin, releases an aromatic spa like scent and lathers up into a thin smooth film. I massage it into my skin and let it sit for about 5 mins, rinse it off then I'm done!

Scouted around town when I was in Australia and found this in Priceline at $12.99. If you are in Malaysia and can't really get your hands on the SSMSO, the Nivea In-Shower Body Conditioning Moisturizer could be a good alternative as well. Haven't tried that before but the concept is similar.

Step 4 // Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel
Cult product in the Asian market. My mum is a huge fan of this because its so lightweight that its barely there. I use this solely as an after shave moisturizer, right after I come out from the shower because its cooling, refreshing and easy. Not so much as a night time body moisturizer because it doesn't have enough moisturizing properties I look for in a bedtime product.

No. 5 // Gillette 3 Blade Disposable Razor
This product should be in Step 2 but thought I'd separate it this way. Previously I used to use those 2 blades razor that comes in a pack of 10, wanted to upgrade my shaving game but since I couldn't justify spending $$$ on the professional non-disposal razors, 3 blade ones will do for the moment.Please don't laugh at me, its a small improvement :)

Do you have a hair removal routine? What are your can't-live-without products? Have a nice weekend ahead <3

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