Sunday, 31 May 2015

Manicure May // Essie Midnight Cami

Am I the only one who always have an eye on those dark reds and rich blues? If you are like me, then we could be friends forever and live on the same tree-house. My nails haven't been painted very often since I started travelling for work unlike before because it is pretty high maintenance. However on all travel occasions, I do put an effort to ensure my toes look sexy and presentable. Come on people, there will be moments where you have to take your shoes off and you wouldn't want to scare people with your scruffy dry looking nails eh?

Midnight Cami from Essie is a gorgeous royal blue colour that is deep enough to pull off as a black from far. If you have some Essie polishes hanging around, you would agree with me that they don't thicken up as quick as other higher end brands. The consistency and formula literally stays the same from start till the end. So is it worth buying this from Essie? I'll say, just dive in : )

Essie Midnight Cami // $16.95 [Got it on a sale at $10]

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