Saturday, 18 April 2015

Nerd Travels : Sydney Photobook 1 + weekend ootd

18 April
As promised, this is what I wore to Sydney CBD [Central Business District]. The weather was extremely hot so I went with a simple, classic & flowy skater dress with a checkered flannel just in case the temperature drops unexpectedly. By the way, I said extremely hot because the sweaty pits situation happened lmao :/ I realized people starring at me and thought that maybe I my hair was wonky or my dress got caught in my panties. But in fact, its the way the flannel draped on my body! Thank gawd T_T A lady walked over and asked me where I bought my scarf from so I told her its a long flannel then she gasped. She told me now she knows how to style her masculine flannels :) Pair them with a flirtatious and girly dress like I did!

Actually this could totally pull off as a flannel dress too but for my height its a little too short. See! Versatility matters!

Dress - Doublewoot
Shoes - [Similar here. Enter 'ZBAPqLL' upon checkout for an additional 15% off!]
Bag - Coach
Flannel - China

Happy weekend <3

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