Saturday, 28 March 2015


Diet update. Me and my family have been eating clean since half a year ago. We pretty much cut off meat from our diet and practice partial vegetarian diet. For me, due to the nature of my work, I travel alot and I'll admit it is difficult to keep up to the vegetarian diet and eat clean. When I'm out and about, yes I order a cheesy beef burger with fries still but when I get the chance to eat clean, even wholemeal bread is out of the game. Gluten free & flour-less bread it is. Well, now I'm feeling awkward because the pictures above are totally against what I'm trying to preach here! haha!

So we switched to this 2 months back. In fact, my mum's friend was the one who introduced this to us! Her husband has high cholesterol so food intake is pretty much 'watched' on. The obvious difference I could tell is that it fills our tummy for a longer period of time, not oily and the texture is tougher. Recently, my mum managed to hunt down the oh-so-natural peanut butter that separates! Will blog about it once I've tried it out :) [Peanut butter spread above is just normal pbs]

Having a clean diet, with almost no meat, made me so much healthier. This would be TMI but sweat, poo and farts don't smell. For ladies who are reading this, I wanna let you know that even period discharges don't smell anymore.

Happy Weekend <3

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