Thursday, 6 November 2014

Nerd Travels : Thailand Photobook 2

Two nights on the dam was breathtaking. Simple seafood with sunset, mountains, calm water and good companion. Each and every single floating bungalow came with 2 kayaks. Me & my bro literally went out and kayak with our friends before the sunset. All 10 of us then slowly rowed our 'boats' back to each of our 'bungalows' to be prepared for dinner. After dinner, we chilled with a bottle of beer and started playing poker cards till 2am in the morning :p (given we were all above 18)

I traveled to Thailand by car countless times now and its a blessing that I am still in touch with these adventurous friends I made throughout the years, since I was 10. So....anyone interested to join me in the future? :)

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