Thursday, 23 October 2014

Nerdy thoughts : Expectation vs Reality

Life isn't perfect. But pictures we all see on Instagram are always beautiful and nice. Awareness should be created to prove that NOT everything in life are perfect. What everyone display on the outside or social media might not represent what they actually feel or who they actually are. I used to Photoshop my pictures so that I look like I have a healthy complexion. But now as I age, adding filters to a picture is just to enhance the mood of the picture taken. 

This morning, I told my mum I will be publishing a post with random, weird & ugly pictures of me. After seeing several pictures, she asked:" Wahhh~ so ugly~ " And then I told her, that's the point. I am weird in REALITY. I don't have the fairest skin, the straightest hair or the largest eyes. I have always felt that I am not beautiful enough and felt insecure about my hair especially. But during the recent trip to Korea, my big wavy hair was much appreciated! Blended in well maybe? :p

These candid pictures were all taken in Melbourne. They are all weird but when I look back, I see more than just weirdness. I was either saying something silly or we were laughing at something stupid. To me, that's beautiful <3

Now at the age of 22, If someone really come up to my face and comment about my appearance, I'll tell them to **** off in my heart. (Yes in the heart because if its face to face, that makes me an ass too). Why feel sad and offended by their words right? I used to feel offended but now I wouldn't bother much. Sign of aging perhaps :) 

Such a random post! Since I have been trying out the Peripera lippies, I think its time I give my thoughts and review on it, tomorrow :) 

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