Thursday, 30 October 2014

Nerdy Haul : Larsson & Jennings Black Lader Watch

I have been eyeing on this Larsson & Jennings Black L├úder watch for almost a year now. And after thinking through and through, I got it finally. I know everyone will be wondering why not Daniel Wellington right? DW watches are the 'in' thing to get! I'm not trying to go against the mainstream but when I looked into the specifications, DW definitely has its weakness. To be honest, I almost bought a DW watch a while back because the price is cheaper, discount codes were floating around and it was such a bomb to own a classic watch. I'm not saying that DW watches aren't good enough but if you are like me who has saved up  for months and hope to get a watch that can last a lifetime, perhaps Larsson & Jennings is a better option. It is slightly pricier but you'll see why.

                                Larsson & Jennings                         Daniel Wellington
Strap                         Italian Calf Leather                               Leather
Dial                                Black Brass                               Egg Shell White
Case Color                 Gold Plated 316 L                              Rose Gold/Silver
Movement                 Ronda 762 Quartz                   Japanese Quartz Movement
Water Resistant                  5 atm                                            3 atm
Glass                                Sapphire                                        Mineral
Price                                  £205                                             $229
Shipping                              £10                                              FREE
Warranty                            2 yrs                                            2 yrs

The main reason why I chose L&J was because of the fact that its more water resistant. 5 atm = 50 m. Therefore if I fancy, I can wear the watch and hop into the pool. Its not that I can swim but if you think about it, this watch wouldn't get ruined in the heavy rain or even buckets of water on your birthday! DW specifically mentioned on their website to avoid contact with all water. So when i saw that disclaimer, I hesitated.

The second reason would be the material of the glass. Watch glasses are normally made out of :
Acrylic glass or Mineral glass or Sapphire glass
( Less durable to Most durable. Sapphire crystal glass is 20 times more durable than Acrylic crystal and 3 times more durable than Mineral crystal )

Therefore at this point if you still can't tell, the durability of a watch is crucial to me. I drool on my watch, slam my hands against the wall on a daily basis and sometimes I even drop my watch onto the ground and the worst that has happened was that I swung my hand when I was telling stories, my watch flew out from my wrist and hit my cousin's tummy. I know right, not even exaggerating = = '

My current Michael Kors watch is 10 atm water resistant but it is not scratch proof at all. I still couldn't believe I paid such money for freaking acrylic glass. =/ I am just too clumsy for such delicate watch so when I found out that DW uses Mineral crystal glass, instantly I know that DW isn't for me. However, who knows maybe one day I'll get a DW watch right? I love the Men's Classic Cardiff watch. Never say never. :)

Anyways, I'll give review on this watch soon. Gotta give it some wear and tear before providing a personal and honest comment. Are you eyeing on anything recently?

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