Friday, 10 October 2014

Nerdy Drinks : Tea?

Am I the only one who always crave for a cup of hot comforting drink before bed? 
Hot milk? I personally avoid drinking milk because dairy reacts sensitive skin.
Hot Milo? I find it too sweet for a midnight drink.
Hot Coffee/Tea? Definitely wont be able to sleep with a brain activated by caffeine.

So the last resort would be to have a cup of non-caffeinated tea! Nope, not decaff. But non-caffeinated :p The 3 boxes of 'Tea' from Teekanne does not contain any trace of Tea leaves, therefore non-caffeinated.....wait, am I sounding silly? I have always suffered from digestive issues. Its not a nice feeling to have because I always secretly hide the pain and go on with life.

After consuming peppermint tea for about 1 month, I noticed massive changes in my body. Food intake gets digested very quickly, tummy feels flat and most importantly no more gastric issues!

Its pretty obvious that I love my peppermint tea more than the Hibiscus ones and Ginger-Lemon tea. I drink my Ginger-Lemon tea specifically during 'that' time of the month because it acts like an internal heat generator. *speaking about exaggerated description* I find it a little too heaty for daily consumption.

On a side note, St. Dalfour's Peppermint Tea has tea leaves in it and therefore I only drink it in the morning. Why is it here? Just because I like the packaging..I know right = ='

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