Tuesday, 11 August 2015



KEEP QUIET. Should you, should you not. There is no answer to that and no one other than the victim has a say to whether it is right or wrong. A woman may think that being harmed is a form of punishment to the mistakes she made, a once in a blue moon treatment or just because she believes that the man loves her still. A woman thinks that her body could handle the abuse and muting herself would stop everything. It doesn't.

Remember that it takes two to tango. If you are a woman, know that the ball is in your court. For a hearing ear or gentle words of advise, call Women Aid's Organisation [WAO]:

Hotline - 03-7956 3488

Know that there are people who really care about you and you do not deserve to be harmed. Be brave as everything will be fine and you are strong enough to speak up. 

I believe majority of my readers are women and we women should do something to empower our little community. It would be comforting if you could show care and awareness by supporting this heartwarming campaign at <<The Gardens Mall>>. Listen to what the women have to say and if you fancy, leave a short note on the guest book. You do not know how your little piece of love could impact another woman's life. 

Venue: The Gardens Mall, Ground Floor [Right in front of Gucci]
Date: 3rd - 16th August 2015

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