Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Nerd Travels // 24 Hours Up North + OOTD

The day where we travel up North to meet up with the fam. Packed up some essentials, blogging gadgets and attire then up we go! Dug out my old DSLR and is ready to learn more about photography. Here goes pictures taken with a dreamy effect. Since it was a pretty chilled day and it is practical for me to wear a skirt, I busted out my crotchet top and chambray skirt to look feminine yet put together.

Top - Korea
Skirt - Mango
Sandals - Zalora.com [Enter "ZBAPqLL" upon checkout for additional 15% off]
Bag - Massimo Dutti

If you have tasted traditional food I shared, 100% its from Ching Han Guan a traditional pastry shop owned by a TeoChew [潮州人]. Situated alongside the famous old streets and in the heart of Ipoh. Heang Piah is one of our all time fav. It is heart warming to see how Ching Han Guan actually has pastry options for vegetarians. Prepared using vegetable oil instead of lard. If you are somehow lucky enough to have a chance to get hold onto some freshly baked pastries, do not hesitate. Get some. Enjoy.

Everything in the store aren't cheap but reasonably good because of the value you're getting. How cheap can food be nowadays anyways?! 

Address: 145 JLN SULTAN ISKANDAR 30000 IPOH.
Tel: 05-2545126
Mon - Sat: 9:30a.m. to 6:30p.m.
          Sun: 9:30a.m. to 6:00p.m.
Tue: Closed

Located somewhere in old town, just around the corner of the Ching Han Guan. I personally fancy curry noodles with nyonya influences, minimal coconut milk and a tad bit of sourness running through. Nam Zhou's curry noodles tastes exceptionally amazing when the restaurant is packed! #itchybutt As you are reading this and somehow recalled me telling you about the curry noodles I had in Ipoh, here you go.  

Everyday: 7:30a.m. to 3:30p.m.
Wednesday: Closed

Oh those alleys. Every corner comes a surprise. Had a short stroll around town just to take some pictures but oh was I impressed by sprouting themed coffee shops and little pubs. Ipoh is slowly becoming a place with heavy cultural essence and modern vibes.

Vegetarian sushi and homemade cheesecake with marshmallow, Oreo cookie base and pistachio. Took my aunt 7 hours to come out with this glorious piece of dessert!

The first thing in mind was to shoot some pictures for my blog. It was quite a fail because I should have stayed with "auto" but the whole shoot was did in a "manual" mode. Aiks. The lighting and colour was so off I can't even..T_T That particular post will be up real soon!

You can tell we do love spicy food eh. Left Ipoh right after that. Hopefully the next round I get to explore the alleys a little more. But till then, back to reality!

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