Saturday, 4 April 2015

Work ootd - Week 10 + Girl's Night Out

30 March
Although it was a Monday, I took a day off and spent the day with my friend. Not so much of a work day :) So yes if you read my previous post, we literally wore the exact same top. Not even joking haha. And thumbs up for that awkward pose. LMAO.

Top - TQ
Skirt - HnM
Bag - Zara

1 April
Felt a little fancy mid-week so I went for a perforated cobalt dress with matching perforated heels. Such a hole-y day. HAHA.

Dress - 
Shoes -

2 April
Bought this gorgeous pin stripe skirt at TQ the other day and wow...yet again I'm amazed by the quality and fit. Sweet bow with masculine fabric and ladylike shape, a combination that I couldn't ask for more! To balance the whole look, I went with a flowy black top that has see-through sleeves and a pair of glitter pumps.

Top - Mango
Skirt - TQ
Shoes - Random

3 April
Since it was a casual Friday at work, I wore this outfit layered with an extra flowy top for coverage and some black heels. After work I went to meet up with my ladies for a girl's night out so I took off the extra layer and wore tweed plimsolls since it was raining. The lovely dinner, casual cafe vibes and outrageous laughter made that night a memorable one. <3

Top - Mango
Bottom - F21
Shoes - Korea
Watch - Larsson & Jennings Black Lader [Link]

Sneaky peak into our night out. *coughs* Next time, alcohol should be incorporated. I met these ladies on the 1st day of high school and it's amazing to see how much we've grown. We skipped class, walked into a fire extinguisher, fell into the drain, slid down the stairway, slept in class, brought camera to school and pretended it was for a moral project, slapped on the arm for asking whether was my teacher pregnant when in reality she gained weight, hid under the table during 'Tsunami Thursday' to avoid crashing lights and flying objects, pretended to have 'period' during PJ and come to think of it how can so many girls have period on the same day LOL, went to toilet together, got punished for laughing & tying hair in class & was also sent out of class to do our essay...we pretty much had fun in the little garden outside of the classroom #dontcare. To be honest, I've always thought that I was a good student....till now as this post is being drafted, I obviously wasn't T_T

If I were given a chance to ask for anything or even change anything in this relationship, I would ask for a few more good years in high school. When we had pretty much nothing in life and everything we had was memories and laughter.

Have a lovely weekend ahead <3

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