Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Nerdy Review : ZA Perfect Action Mascara

Are you looking for a new mascara? Mine dried out totally and wanted to get one before GST so I rushed to the drugstore and randomly picked up one without doing any sort of researches like I always do. #yolo

ZA has 3 different types of mascara : Normal, Waterproof & Smudge-proof. In a normal occasion I would choose the waterproof version over anything else but since there was a Smudge-proof version, I knew I had to give it a go! So before I provide my verdict, have a look at the pictures below for a little idea of how it looks on my lashes. [My left eye, your right]




As you can tell from the pictures above, this mascara provides a good amount of volume without clumping and also separates them pretty evenly. Since I don't fancy spidery long lashes and prefers a voluminous yet subtle look, this is right up my alley. However, you won't be able to see my curled top lashes unless I tilt my head slightly back/upwards. *sighs*

This happens to most volumising mascara as the fibers tend to weigh the lashes down. This ZA mascara isn't as heavy as what I've tried since it has a drier formula but still...the fibers. I've been testing this out for about a week now and it didn't smudge on me! On the packaging, ZA claims that this mascara could be removed by just using warm water. Well, I didn't test the validity of such claim but its definitely very easy to remove given the long staying power. I often use a specific eye makeup remover to get rid of my waterproof mascara but for this one, Bioderma will do! 

Hint: Bioderma is an extremely gentle makeup remover that is good for the face and skin.

Will definitely finish up this tube of mascara. Overall, its a good one but can't say its fantastic. For everyday use it works well but since I prefer a better 'hold', I think I'll move on to other mascaras. You know, explore and try something new :) Before I end my lengthy and effort-ful blogpost, I shall clearly state my verdict on this product. If you are interested, I bought mine at Watsons Malaysia, paid RM33.95.

Nice Packaging
Separates lashes
Does not clump
No flaking
Easy to remove

Does not hold a curl :c

What are your thoughts? Do you have a mascara that you love? Share in the commenst below! I would love to know. Have a nice day <3

p/s #thankgodforthenaturalmorningsunshine #100thblogpost

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